Real Estate Closings

We provide your one stop shop for residential & commercial real estate closings at a rate that is market disruptive with the power of a 65-Year old firm with your best interests protected.

Generally real estate closings involve the exchange of money for the deed to the property.  Since the buyer wants to make sure that the property is clear of all liens and encumbrances, and the seller can convey to them the full and legal title to the property, the buyer will get title insurance to confirm the buyer will own the property.

The seller does not want to transfer the title to the property to a buyer without knowing that the entire purchase price is paid in full, so most sales involve an escrow agent that holds all of the funds necessary to close the sale, and only disburses those funds after all of the necessary legal documents have been signed to convey clear title to the buyer.  When a mortgage is involved in the sale, the escrow agent also holds the proceeds from the mortgage until the proper paperwork is signed to give the lender a secure mortgage interest in the property.

A title search is done on the property by the attorney or title agent to determine what documents will need to be executed to convey clear title to the buyer, and the calculations are done to determine exactly how much money will be needed to complete the purchase, after considering all costs and adjustments.  Our office can handle every aspect of a real estate purchase from preparing the contract for sale, through the title insurance and closing of the sale.

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